What Travel Founders Do First In a New City

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Traveling to a new city is often disorienting and stressful. I suggest creating a ritual or routine for when your first day to make it less daunting. Not only will it bring you some familiarity and comfort, its a tradition that can be shared by family and friends.

We asked our Travel Tech founders how they liked to spend their first 24 hours in a new city. Maybe you’ll add adopt their rituals on your next adventure.

Wander your new neighborhood

via Instagram @agnescd

via Instagram @agnescd

Walk around and get lost - the spontaneity of what you find is fun

Cody Candee, Bounce

After checking with friends who have been there before, I usually start talking to locals right away to see where they recommend going. I like to see if there is anything my friends missed that I want to add into my itinerary.

Jeffrey Walsh, Nomo Fomo


via Instagram @alternativebrewing

via Instagram @alternativebrewing

Having lived in Melbourne has turned me into a real coffee snob and a pro at spotting the good cafes, haha. I look at the coffee machine and the beans they use. Also, what type of people are behind the machine? If they look slightly hipster, I'm probably at a good spot. And if they serve flat whites, that's usually a good indication.

Bibi Jellema, Airguides

Find the best "underground" coffeehouses because I love coffee. it's been my experience that coffeehouses tend to reflect really unique cultural aspects of the places they're in.

Benjamin Wallsten, Flyright

Street Food

My favorite lunch lady in Saigon, Vietnam via Instagram @jonnyrouse7

My favorite lunch lady in Saigon, Vietnam via Instagram @jonnyrouse7

After getting my travel essentials, finding a place to get some dumplings, tacos, banh xeo, or noodles - something off the street is the first thing I do. I prefer if its cooked by someone who looks like they could be my grandmother. If they also have cold beer, even better.

Edward Hu, ARRVL

Business as Usual

via Instagram @habitatfloralstudio

via Instagram @habitatfloralstudio

Buy groceries and flowers. It makes it feel like home.

Geetika Agrawal, VAWAA

Whatever you decide to do, traveling is about diving into the new community you’re in. Get to know your new neighbors.