Where Travel Tech Founders Go On Vacation

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As a founder, the stresses of running a startup and managing all the other headaches that may arise can compound pretty quickly. That's why I always make it a habit to get away at least 3 to 4 times a year. They don’t have to be around the world, and they can be quite short - the goal is to reset and come back to your team feeling rejuvenated and ready to climb that next mountain.


Goa, India

Geetika Agrawal, VAWAA

Goa (it's my annual reset place with tropical warm waters and great food), Iceland (the entire country should be given the title of Eight Wonder of the World), any place that offers a chance to learn something new.

Havana, Cuba

Edward Hu, ARRVL

I first visited in Febuary, 2016 and the experience taught me so much about cultural immersion. Staying in a "casa particular,” or homestay, allowed my travel companion and I to experience both sides of Cuba - the one that visitors experience and the way Cuban people live every day.

One quote I will never forget from that trip is "In Cuba we have poverty, but no misery". It was spoken to me by a political cartoonist named Ares. He taught us about the historical and current politics of Cuba while we drank rum on his rooftop.


Jeffrey Walsh, Nomo Fomo

Brazil as it feels like a second home to me. Between the people, the food and the culture I always feel welcomed and excited to try new things.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Valentin Dombrovsky, Travelabs

My favorite place to travel is St. Petersburg, Russia. It's not far from Moscow where I live and I usually visit it once per 1-2 years (or more if there's some business there). I've been doing this since my childhood as my mother was born in this city and liked to go there a lot (and I went with her). This is an inspiring city where you can see the connection between Russia and Western Europe and understand the historic value of these long-standing relations.

Hong Kong, China

Benjamin Wallsten, Flyright & Beau Berman, Tripcents

Ben - My favorite travel destination is Hong Kong. I love the cultural aspects of HK, the breadth of diversity, and the creativity expressed through its street art, cafes, and nightlife.

Beau - Hong Kong - feels like I'm in a James Bond movie because of the melding of cultures. It was under British rule for so long. They still drive on the “other side” of the road and still have a lot of British influence mixed with all other cultures from SE Asia and India. The food, the style, the people all remind me of a Bond movie.