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How to Ask for Travel Advice

Asking friends for travel advice is a landmine. While some friends may know a real insider’s tips, others are going to point you to the tourist traps that they went to. Without a discerning eye, all these tips may get lumped together, and you may forgo a genuinely authentic experience because Chad or Becky ate the “best pad thai” of their lives at the hawker stall next to the temple they met a shaman who gave them a bracelet. Here are 3 tips that have helped me to get better travel advice.

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Overtourism & "Exploitourism" in Bali and Java - how my favorite destination turned sulfuric

For many years, Bali has always been my refuge and “happy place.” Every trip to the island left me feeling spiritually rich and, thanks to the yoga retreats, more flexible. However, on this last trip, I discovered a side a Indonesia that left me feeling complicit in the suffering and betterment of the lives of sulfur miners on the island of Java.

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What Travel Founders Do First In a New City

Traveling to a new city is often disorienting and stressful. I suggest creating a ritual or routine for when your first day to make it less daunting. Not only will it bring you some familiarity and comfort, its a tradition that can be shared by family and friends.

We asked our Travel Tech founders how they liked to spend their first 24 hours in a new city. Maybe you’ll add adopt their rituals on your next adventure.

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Where Travel Tech Founders Go On Vacation

As a founder, the stresses of running a startup and managing all the other headaches that may arise can compound pretty quickly. That's why I always make it a habit to get away at least 3 to 4 times a year. They don’t have to be around the world, and they can be quite short - the goal is to reset and come back to your team feeling rejuvenated and ready to climb that next mountain.

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8 Airport Hacks from Travel Tech Founders

Some of the best travelers are the road warriors who spend so much time in airports that terminal 2 might as well be their living room and Starbucks their kitchen. When I began talking to CEOs in the travel space, it became apparent that these innovators had spent countless hours in airports and had hacks that your everyday traveler can also benefit from.

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